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Just getting on the web? Already have a site but are you locked into high prices for no new features? Want to maintain your data without paying an arm and a leg for updates? Are you looking for a fast & dependable company with a long standing customer service reputation? You have found your place. Period. (Click HERE to find out what a website cost?)  or to   Request a web quote!

The internet has quickly become the fastest growing medium for communications throughout the world. With more than 50 million connected users in North America alone, and a growth rate of 10% to 25% per month, the possibilities have become limitless. As a result, an increasing number of innovative companies and individuals of all interests are discovering this powerful new method of sharing information and doing business.
As professional web page designers, we bring this exciting technology to you by putting our clients just one click away from this international marketplace. So, whatever your product, service, or interest may be – let our experience and expertise in web site creation give you the advantage of having your own unique place on the ‘net’.

To learn more about the possible design features available to you please visit our “Design Gallery”. MAXimum Designs have developed this gallery to showcase many of the possible design applications used by dynamic web sites to attract visitors and results. The Design Gallery can be found at our Services Page and will guide you through everything from advanced audio and video features to animated graphic design and professional statistic tracking of your web site.

Choose our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on how we can assure you success with our web page designs! We also have links to many of the web sites that we have developed. You can estimate your own needs, and/or let us design a website for you that meets both your financial goals AND your budget!

To talk to us on the phone, call USA (770) 925-3960! Or, if you prefer send us email at [email protected]

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Spurred on by the fact that cardiovascular disease is America’s No. 1 killer, four million AHA volunteers are working to prevent heart disease and stroke. These volunteers do educational and community programs, provide publicity and other communication services, and raise funds that make possible everything the AHA does.

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MAXimum Designs combines web design & marketing expertise – creating a unique and profitable virtual dimension to your business.

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