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MAXIMUM Designs – Your WEB Connection
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Norcross, GA 30093

E-Commerce: Business Storefront with Order Processing Website

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E-Commerce-based websites are designed to operate like a RETAIL storefront on the web. With this type of website, your business can sell products or services by allowing your buyers to place items in a SHOPPING CART – and then pay for these items by providing you with credit card, money order or check information. Note:  It is recommended that ecommerce websites are located on a secured web server.

A complete retail store for the web located on a SECURE server with full ORDER PROCESSING .   This solution provides you with total flexibility and control over your content, as well as the software to PROCESS and fulfill your web-based orders.    We provide you with ALL the forms and templates that will operate from your PC, as well as the layout and design of your web presence.  We also include our acclaimed promotional features — making this E-Business StoreFront plan an EXCELLENT value!

We will provide you with the following turn-key solution to get you started on the web:

  • we will assist with your DOMAIN

We will assist you with setup of your DOMAIN – by helping with any questions you may have with the online forms and paperwork that you are asked to complete through Network Solutions, Inc. (who maintains your domain registration). Please be aware – that Network Solutions Inc will charge a 2 year registration fee of $70 for your domain. This bill will come from Network Solutions, Inc.

On the Network Solutions, Inc. site you can preform a DOMAIN name search for the domain name you prefer and if avaliable you will receive the following message:

NOTE: We have performed a domain search for your requested name of www.yourdomainname.com — and this domain is presently AVAILABLE. You might also want to consider purchasing additional domains that are SIMILAR to this name (such as www.yourdomainname.com ) – which can enhance your marketing of the website.

  • – You control the content of your TOPIC pages. We will create your WEB HOME PAGE plus the TEMPLATE for an ‘unlimited’ number of website TOPICS that can be linked from your home page. The TEMPLATE can be modified by anyone in your company using MS Word ’97 (or better) or MS FrontPage Express that is included with Windows 98. This allows you to STORE and MODIFY text and alter pre-specified GRAPHIC images of any of the pages in your web site index. Therefore – YOU easily control the content and the frequency of making changes to your website. On your HOME PAGE – we will include your ‘information’ about your business, along with any photos or special graphics that you want to include. We will also incorporate clip art and other appropriate graphics – to give your site a CUSTOM, professional and visually appealing presence plus a ‘Customer Request’ Form. We include a 3-dimensional LOGO to appear on your webpage.
    After you have completed your changes or updates you will then be able to automatically TRANSFER your information about your topics from your PC to the Internet — using a standard FTP software program. We will assist you to configure the FTP software to easily operate on your Windows ’95/98 Pentium-based PC.

MAXimum Designs approaches the development of your website – as a ‘partnership’ with you. This means – that we look to YOU – our client – to clearly direct us on your preferences, and styles that you find appealing. It is our goal to complete your project so that you are 100% satisfied with the results!
We will create the logo and appropriate graphics to display a professional and visually appealing FIRST IMPRESSION. This home page will also include your site index (or ‘table of contents’). The table of contents will represent both general information ‘navigational’ pages + and will link to other sections of your site.

What we need from you:

a) Any logos or artwork
b) Any ‘sound’ or ‘animations’ that you want to include
c) Any specific websites (or competition) that has features that you would like us to emulate for your site
d) Provide us with a draft of ‘bullet-form’ version of the wording that you want to use on the home page.
e) Table of Contents (see below for suggestions. Feel free to modify these topics as they apply to your needs)

What WE will do with your information:

a) We will digitize all images, sound and animations
b) We will create ‘marketing copy’ for your site
c) We will create links to all sections of your site based on your table of contents.

Topic Page(s): This includes the informational pages on your site. Generally – your Site Index or Table of Contents from the HOME PAGE will refer to these Topic Pages. Examples of standard Topic Pages that you would want to include onto your website include:

(1) Contact Us Page – email, fax, office#, customer service hours, address information

(2) About Us Page – provide some information about YOUR BUSINESS – such as your mission statement, customer service, what to expect, etc.

(3) How to Place an Order Page – not all consumers want to ‘order online’ from your website — but would rather FAX, CALL or Mail in their orders instead. Your site needs to provide provisions to allow for multiple methods of ordering.

(4) Security & Privacy Page – it is generally a good idea to assure the ONLINE consumer that you are a ‘legitimate’ business – and that any transactions or credit card information is held in trust/confidence.

(5) Frequently Asked Questions Page – sometimes people ask the same questions repeatedly. To save time in ‘answering’ these questions – you can compile a list of Questions and Answers that could refer to ordering, billing, returns, sizing, etc.

Other Topic Page Options Include

(6) Returns Page
(7) Gift Certificates
(8) Corporate Sales
(9) What’s NEW?
(10) Monthly Newsletter

  • – You control the content of your INVENTORY information. We will build your shopping cart TEMPLATE that allows you to sell an ‘unlimited’ number of products or services from your website. We will include in your CUSTOM PC-based application (using Microsoft Word ’97) – a database and process that allows you to STORE and MODIFY the content of any of your inventory items for sale.

PC Software- Setup of Product ITEMS that appear on WEBSITE:
We will create TEMPLATE(s) using Microsoft Word ’97 – to allow you to FULLY MANAGE your web-based PRODUCTS and /or SERVICE ITEMS that are represented on your website – FROM YOUR PC. This software runs ON your PC – and will allow you the ability to update descriptions, pricing, sales terminology and ‘categories’ that you will use. You will then be able to TRANSFER your information about your products / items from your PC to the Internet — using a standard FTP software program. Will will configure both the PC MS Word ’97 template(s) and FTP software to easily operate on your Windows ’95/98 Pentium-based PC.

  • we will scan the graphics for up to 45 product or service items that are supplied by you.
    E-Commerce Product Graphics
    We will DIGITIZE your images from photographs or catalog pictures, and creating BOTH a THUMBNAIL and EXPANDED sized graphic to appear in your web-catalog. We optimize ALL images to ensure the fastest download speeds with the highest quality of graphic imagery.
  • Orders will be collected and stored on your SERVER in a email FORM format. Using your email software – you will have access to downloading your orders to your website. Using your IP email connection software you can fulfill the order request.
    Custom WEB based Order Transaction FORMS will be written to IMPORT orders collected from the website to your PC. These iare written using HTML Code – and will allow you to fulfill the order, and post an EMAIL response to the buyer as to when the item will be shipped.
    NOTE: Credit card authentication must be performed by the customer service center that receives the ORDER. This credit card information must be authenticated – similar to any processing or procedures used in a retail store. Authentication is NOT performed online.
  • We include WEB MARKETING and PROMOTION features, including copy writing, ListBot email database setup, your link-able custom animated banner, LinkExchange setup and a ‘What’s New’ Newsletter using information supplied by you.
    We will create your PRIVATELY OWNED MAILING LIST through an account with ListBot (http://www.listbot.com). Those visiting your site will simply enter their email address, and any other specified criteria that you would like to collect. Once the visitor completes the form — you have a new MEMBER on your email list — allowing you to distribute new information via a mass mailing. And – since they legimitately signed up for your mailing list — this is NOT spamming! You will be a LIST OWNER at ListBot.. You can obtain ACCESS to your list preferences and messaging queue by using your email address and password (TBD). You may adjust your LIST PREFERENCES (i.e. the FORM ELEMENTS that are being collected – such as First Name, Last Name …) – PLUS you can DEFINE your new BULK EMAIL message to be SENT to members on your list.
    We will set you up as a member with LinkExchange (http://www.linkexchange.com) – which is an EXCELLENT promotional tool
    for your site for exchanging links with sites that can bring business to yours! We will create an animated BANNERs for you to EXCHANGE with other websites. We will also supply you with an email that includes your LINK SETUP HTML code for anyone who wants to link to your site.

We will also create a ONE PAGE online web-newsletter (information supplied by you) – that you can utilize in your first distribution or promotion of your website.

  • we will PROMOTE (publish) your website to the TOP 300 search engines.
    Includes multiple submissions of your domain to the TOP 300+ search engines and directories for a 1 year period. All search engine submissions are performed by hand – assuring you optimal results. In addition, we will maintain your search engine ‘account’ for one year — resubmitting your site up to 2 times throughout the year.
    NOTE: We utilize SUBMIT-IT (http://www.submit-it.com) a top rated, premier web company for search engine submissions. A listing of directories and search engines that your site will be submitted to can be found at this location (http://www.submit-it.com/SUBCATS.HTM). Please note that the actual date that your LISTING appears on the search engines is a variable that MAXimum Designs does not control. Many search engines will list your site within HOURS of receiving the submission form — where other search engines may take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to include your listing.
  • terms
    Approvals & Terms
    We are pleased to provide you with our services for designing and marketing your online store for www.yourdomainname.com. Our work is professional and we will work to have your site available within your designated deadline. We require a 50% deposit prior to starting your website – with the remaining balance due upon your acceptance / completion of the project. Please keep in mind that our fees include ALL HTML webpage design, graphics, any PC or web based software – which results in a turn-key business solution for you. Should you require additional items or changes to your selected website PLAN – we will be happy to provide you with an estimate for additional work.

We look forward to the opportunity to setup your business on the web!




  • Web Hosting

In order for everyone on the internet to be able to VIEW your website – your pages and graphics need to be STORED on a WEB SERVER. If you need web HOSTING – please consider the following choices below. Note: Should you require web hosting services – the fees listed below are charged by the respective companies.

AWorldWideMall as your HOST ISP (3rd party vendor)

Your DOMAIN can be HOSTED at http://www.awwm.com. Aworldwidemall.com charges an Annual web hosting fee of $120 for 50 MB disk storage for your domain – payable at 9.95 per month or annually. Annual payment earns you a mounth for free. Includes. If you require MORE or less than 50 MB – there are rates per month.

DigiHost – as your HOST ISP (3rd party vendor)

Your DOMAIN can be HOSTED at DigiHost Communications, Inc. DigiHost, located at http://www.digihost.com provides T-1 and T-3 backbone access to the internet – ensuring your site optimum speed and performance. You will require the STANDARD PLAN offered by DigiHost – which amounts to $19.95/month (billed by DigiHost). Please review the details of this plan at their website. Your contract for hosting services is between YOU and Digihost. You will be billed QUARTERLY by DigiHost for their web hosting server services. There is also a one time DOMAIN setup fee of $20.

NOTE: MAXimum Designs is NOT a representative or affiliated with AWorldWideMall or DigiHost – we have simply found their services to be reasonably priced, professional and reliable.

www.max-designs.com (770) 925-3960

MAXimum Designs combines web design & marketing expertise – creating a unique and profitable virtual dimension to your business.

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