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Website Prices

What does it cost to have a website designed? For a BASIC website package (including hosting and search engine submission)– see our Starter Plan (below). For more advanced, e-commerce, directory or custom web needs – please CONTACT US – we’ll be happy to provide a quote. Need more help planning your web presence? Check out our sample Web Planning Guide

What TYPE of website do YOU need?

Information-based websites are designed to provide information about you and/or your company. The goal of an information-based website is to entice the ‘viewer’ to ‘get to know’ your company, and then CONTACT you by way of a phone call, email or an online ‘Request’ form.For more advanced plans – Email or CALL 770-925-3960 FOR QUOTE! Plan OptionFeaturesI-Starter Plan
($ 450)
 1 home page, 3 topic pages, assist with domain setup, submitted to top 30 search engines.
E-Commerce-based websites are designed to operate like a RETAIL storefront on the web. With this type of website, your business can sell products or services by allowing your buyers to place items in a SHOPPING CART – and then pay for these items by providing you with credit card, money order or check information. Note:  It is recommended that e-commerce websites are located on a secured web serverClick here to see all about our
E-Commerce: Business Storefront with Order Processing WebsiteEmail or CALL 770-925-3960 FOR QUOTE!

 A-la-carte Web Fees

Below are some of our ‘A-la-carte’ fees for having your website designed.     Please refer to our web design plans – for a turnkey solution!

MAXimum Designs is ready to assist you on your turn-key web business (domain registration, web hosting, web design and web site promotion) — but wants to encourage you to have REALISTIC expectations as to the profitability of your web venture. 
* What are your web business goals? 
* How much should you invest in your website design versus web advertising? 
* What can you expect in dollar returns – from your web business? 
We suggest that you review the websites of your competitors — and obtain market research materials regarding the volume of business that is conducted online for YOUR market. You may also want to check the reference materials that we list on our site — at resources — for a compilation of research & analysis information – provided by web industry experts.

Web FeatureEstimate
Web DESIGN Fees:
Static Web Page Design (Home page)

$250 flat fee
Static Topic Pages $90 per web 
topic page
Submit your website to 300+ search engines & directories$300/year
Submit your website to top 30 search engines$65 – one time fee
Training/Consulting Services$65/hour
WebSite Maintenance Fees$65/hour
E-Mail based Feedback Form$125/form
Counter$15 setup
Sound (WAV files)$80/sound sample
Banners$110 banner creation
Custom Image Animation$135 animation setup
Photo or Image Scanning$15/image file
Custom Photography Images$275/image
Password Protected web page$350 / setup page
(for existing web sites)
Web Feature

Add META TAG and marketing changes to  your existing web pages and announcing your  Web site with the top 300 Internet search engines  and directories (BY HAND!)$350
Issuing a Press Release$175
Announcing in Newsgroups$225
Participating in e-mail lists$175
Obtaining links from other Web sites $225
Running on-site events$275
Issuing an e-newsletter $325
Conducting a direct e-marketing campaign $250
Integrating your traditional marketing and sales programs$variable/ 
Learn more about promoting your business on the webTips for reducing your web page design costsAll estimated prices identified above are subject to change without notice. A web page package quote is valid for 30 days from the date which appears on the top of the quote. We will provide a NO OBLIGATION quote to you for our web page design services. To begin a web page project, we require a signed confirmation of the quote, and a deposit of 50% of the total web page package rate. Once we complete your web page to your satisfaction, we request the remaining 50%.. 

TIPS — How to reduce the cost of having your web page designed…and still have great looking pages!

We encourage you to keep your web page costs to a level that you can afford. But, how can you get the most for your hard-earned money? We have a few tips that can help:

  • Spend some time thinking about the audience that you want to attract. Will you be promoting products, services, information or some of each? What do you want your audience to see when they land on your web site? Keep in mind that large or excessive use of graphics and animation can cause your web HOME page to load very slowly! This may turn away potential customers — so keep your ideas SIMPLE, yet EFFECTIVE. 
  • Carefully identify the SITE INDEX (or topics) that will appear on your front (HOME) page. Think of your HOME page as your attention-grabber and Table of Contents ALL IN ONE. Make it easy for your target audience to quickly get to the topics that you want to guide them to!
  • Provide any text to appear on your web pages in ASCII or word-processing format if possible. Any additional work that you can do UP FRONT — will result in more accuracy and LESS additional typing or conversion costs for your web page.
  • Review the CONTENT that you have defined for your website before sending this out to us for design.   Have you spell checked your work?  For TECHNICAL terminology – we expect that you will have checked all spelling before using these words on your website.   This ensures that you will not have to incur additional costs for re-design efforts.
  • Consider the colors that you find appealing…perhaps find a website that all ready has the color combinations that you LIKE!  This ensures that you will not have to incur additional costs for re-design efforts.

ISP/Domain Research & Recommendation

New to the Internet? Need some help getting started? Yes – we can help! We will gladly research local Internet Service Providers in your area that will provide you with best rates and quality service for DIAL-UP ACCESS, WEB PAGE HOSTING and DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION SETUP. We will also research to determine if the domain name that you choose — is currently available! Once you select or approve an ISP that we recommend, we will remain in contact with the ISP to ensure that all technical aspects and follow-up is coordinated.We work as an INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT for YOU, our client – and ONLY recommend ISP’s that best fit your requirements and have a solid history of customer support.

(Note: You will be charged a fee for $70 by Network Solutions, Inc.  for DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION SERVICES — assuming that you choose to setup a domain name. This fee registers your domain for a 2 year period.)

To create your own ‘domain’ – is similar to having site that you name (such as www.<yourcompanyname>.com) for your own business. This name will travel with you – should you ever change ISP’s. Why is this important? When MAximum Designs, Inc. publishes your site – we will publish with a specific address of where your webpages are located. This address can be something like www.<yourcompanyname>.com (if you create a domain) – or www.<yourISP>.net/~<yourname> (if you just place a page within your ISP’s site). If you did not create a domain, and were to leave <yourISP>.net — you would have to start the publishing process all over again – because you would have a new address for your web pages!

The costs for obtaining a domain name is $70 FEE (payable to Network Solutions, Inc.) for 2 year subscription of your name. Basically, this allows you to register your domain name on the Internet – and use it for a period of 2 years before you have to renew again. We can assist you in the steps that you need to take — if you choose this path. If you just have a dial-up ISP account now (allowing you to get your email, & surf the net) – you will need to add commercial web page hosting costs to that. MAXimum Designs does not presently host web pages.  We can recommend some excellent ISP’s for you to use for HOSTING your web pages. 

For those who want to ‘do it themselves’, your first step in domain name research is to decide on what your domain name should be. You can test any domain that you choose (to make sure that it has not yet been selected) – by clicking on the following URL: (Please don’t register your domain at this time — just verify that the domain you want is not currently in ‘use’ …it’s best to have your domain name registered by your own ISP) Check to see if my domain is available – NOW! Note: you can only use .COM extensions for a commercial domain, .ORG for non-profit organizations.

Once you have a domain that you like and is not currently in use, you will require an Internet Service Provider(ISP) who can provide you with disk storage space to HOST your new domain name and ultimately your web site designed by MAXimum Designs.. Check with your existing ISP for rates for a commercial web account..OR, as stated above, MAXimum Designs will be happy to recommend ISP’s that we have found to provide quality service and reasonable prices. Your ISP will take care of setting up your DOMAIN NAME for you by submitting registration materials to INTERNIC. We recommend that you make sure that you tell your ISP that you want YOUR NAME to be the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT for the Domain. (this will further ensure that you are the owner of the domain! Some ISP’s who are less credible place their name as the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT and TECHNICAL CONTACT– making the domain difficult for you to use should you ever switch ISP’s.) 

Typing/ Text Conversion Services

We encourage you to provide text to us in either ASCII or a standard word-processing format (see Tips). However, if you can only provide text to us in hardcopy format, then we will convert each page of text for the specified fee amount.

WEB Advertising Copy Services

Need some help with using the right words for your WEB audience? We can assist you! We can quickly turn your thoughts and concepts into web advertising copy. Our rates are per page of copywriting.

Training/Consulting Services

Do you need additional Internet, browsing, setup, proxy server, FTP, or custom site application development assistance? As seasoned developers, we can provide consulting services via telephone, fax, email or on-site if desired. Note: Additional on-site fees such as travel and lodging as applicable may be incurred. 

Web Page Marketing ‘Makeover’

Have you already had your web site designed? Perhaps your web site was designed over 5 months ago? Are you now ‘WAITING’ for some action on your site? Would you like to see MORE action on your site? MAximum Designs can help. 

You have to givepeople a reason to buy on the Web. If it’s the same as buying in person they’re not going to take the time or the risk. If a site can’t make the shopping experience faster, easier or cheaper… forget it. 

The ‘internet’ as a marketing medium is constantly changing – as new web pages appear, search engine listings grow, and search engine listing requirements change! What was ‘working’ for your web site a few months ago – may no longer apply! We will review your current web site and make recommendations for ‘changes’ that will improve your ‘standings’ in the search engines and directories. With your approval – we will then implement both ‘behind the scenes’ as well as visible marketing changes to all of your web pages that is targeted to bring you more ‘hits’! We will then submit your web site (BY HAND – assuring careful attention to EACH unique feature of every search engine and directory) to 300+ search engines! While we can’t guarantee that your site will receive a TOP 10 listing (not EVERYBODY can be in the top 10!) – with our recommendations we will dramatically improve the visibility and ‘hits’ to your site! We will also work with you in many other marketing areas (listed below) to help you grow a successful business from the internet:

Components of Web Site Marketing 

To successfully market your Web site you need to run an on-going campaign, just as you would for a product or service. We’ve identified 11 components which we cover below. Not all apply to every Web site, and the emphasis on each component may vary according to your situation. They include: 

1.Announcing your Web site with Internet search engines and directories 
2.Issuing apress release 
3.Announcing in newsgroups 
4.Participating in e-mail lists 
5.Obtaining links from other Web sites 
6.Purchasing ad banners on other Web sites 
7.Running on-site events 
8.Issuing an e-newsletter 
9.Conducting a direct e-marketing campaign 
10.Integrating your traditional marketing and sales programs 
11.Measuring your results 

A bonus of running a Web site marketing campaign is that it introduces you to the advantages of using the Internet as a marketing medium for all your products. For example, you can send press releases to editors by e-mail, or conduct direct e-marketing campaigns that invite prospects to in-store specials. 

1. Announcing Your Web Site with Internet Search Engines and Directories 

The objective here is to get your Web site listed in the Internet’s equivalent of the yellow pages. This is probably the most cost effective way of reaching prospects who otherwise may not be aware of your company. Once listed, prospects who search on these directories can find your site. 

There are hundreds of sites where you can announce your site. Each typically falls into one of six categories: 1) search engines; 2) announcement sites; 3) general directories; 4) geographic sites; 5) specific-interest sites; or 6) selective sites. 

Always announce your site the day it’s published as it will take from a day to several weeks for the search engines to include it in their databases. It’s best to not announce before your site is published, however, as prospects who click to a site still under construction are unlikely to return. 

As your Web site changes and grows you may want to announce additional Web pages to the search engines. For example, if you create a new section of your site for a new product, you may want to announce the main page of that section. 

2. Issuing a Press Release

A press release allows you to reach prospects through publications that cover your topic of interest. A release needs to be coordinated with the launch of your site (or it’s not news) and may be distributed by e-mail, newswire, fax or mail. The four keys to a successful press release are: 
1) having newsworthy content; 2)targeting interested editors; 3) matching distribution method with editor preference; and 4) properly formatting the release for each method of distribution. 

3. Announcing in Newsgroups 

A newsgroup is an electronic bulletin board where people with shared interests can communicate. There are over 20,000 newsgroups on the Internet with millions of daily participants. Done right and with care, posting to a newsgroup can generate tremendous, almost instant, word-of-mouth. 

If you want to post, target only those newsgroups that cover topics associated with your product. First determine if the newsgroup accepts postings. If it does, monitor the postings and participant response. When you post, provide useful advice or information, not an advertisement for your product. Be specific and keep it short. You can end with a mention that your site has useful information on the topic you are posting. If possible, become a known participant by posting frequently with both advice and questions. And don’t forget to include your signature on every e-mail or posting. If you have an announcement be sure to post it to the “announcement newsgroups” which are designed for announcements. Finally, if there’s sufficient interest, you may even want to create your own newsgroup. 

4. Participating in E-mail Lists 

An e-mail list is much like a newsgroup. The key difference is that messages go directly to a participant’s e-mail box rather than the participant going to the newsgroup to read the postings. For that reason, posting to an e-mail list requires even more caution than a newsgroup. Otherwise, newsgroups rules apply. 

5. Obtaining Links From Other Web Sites 

There are two types of links: 1) one-way links to your Web site; and 2) two-way links where you provide a return link to the other Web site. Getting a link simply requires finding sites that have a reason for pointing to you, then asking for the link. If a site acts as a resource for information that resides on your site, the owners of the site will probably want to point to you. If you can’t get them to point to your main page, then ask for a link to your page that contains the specific information. 

Seek out partners for trading links including vendors, suppliers and providers of complimentary products. 

6. Purchasing Ad Banners on Other Web Sites 

As more links appear on any given page, advertising increasingly becomes a way to stand out from your competition. You can sponsor another site through barter or direct payment. In either case, you can find appropriate sites to sponsor yourself or have another company find them for you. 

Join LinkExchange for free Internet advertising. 

7. Running On-Site Events 

Running events on your site is an excellent way to encourage repeat traffic. You’ll want to begin running events once traffic from your site launch begins to fade. Examples include contests, games, on-line interviews, chat sessions and audio broadcasts. 

8. Issuing an E-Newsletter 

You can ask site visitors to sign up for a newsletter, then distribute it by e-mail. An e-newsletter allows you to keep visitors up-to-date on site changes and new offerings. It also serves as a channel for delivering valuable information related to your products that can help convert prospects into customers. 

9. Conducting a Direct e-Marketing Campaign 

Direct e-marketing on the Internet is in its formative stages. You can send your message in e-mail or HTML format; solicited or unsolicited. We do not recommend using unsolicited e-mail as the receiver bears the cost. 

The trend in direct e-marketing is in “push” technologies and services. These allow you to send regularly scheduled messages and other content to individuals who have signed up to receive it. The business models for these technologies are still in definition, but they deserve attention and testing. 

10. Integrating Your Traditional Marketing and Sales Programs 

Start by including your Web site address on your flyers, letterheads and brochures. If there are advantages to delivering services, programs or information through your Web site, then provide an incentive in your traditional materials to get customers to go to your site for fulfillment. 

11. Measuring Your Results 

To measure the effectiveness of each component of your campaign, first determine where your traffic originates. Then measure what individuals do once they get to your site to determine if traffic generated from one source is more valuable than others. Note that this is different than measuring the effectiveness of the site itself. With data in hand, you can begin the process of fine-tuning your Web site marketing programs. (770) 925-3960

MAXimum Designs combines web design & marketing expertise – creating a unique and profitable virtual dimension to your business.

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